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< < < Installation of BLASTonCD
After booting from the CD, you will be promped for the user and password. Just enter the user and password you will see on the screen and then the IP address of the BLAST server will be displayed. From any computer on the same network, just put that IP number on the browser address bar and you will see the BLAST menu.
Step by step guide:

  1. Download the file.
  2. Uncompress with gunzip server592.iso.gz2, in Windows, you might use 7zip.
  3. Before burning the CD, check the MD5 checksum: 4822f583b9e26dcb322239eaeadd09be
  4. Burn the iso file (Use "Create CD from CD Image" on Easy CD Creator).
  5. Set your computer BIOS to boot from the CD-ROM
  6. After booting, log in using root as user and toor as password
  7. You will see your IP.
  8. Enter this IP on the address bar on your web browser from another computer on the same network

Changing the database:

The included databases are: SARS, Smallpox and H5N1. To include your own database(s), you will need to copy all the CD content into a Linux filesystem. Then copy the blast formated files into /rootcopy directory. Insert the databases in the db subdirectory. Edit the blast html files (blast.html, megablast.html, etc), and add the database names to the DATALIB select section. Edit the blast.rc file to reflect the changes. To create the new iso, use the bundled create-iso.sh script (instructions provided inside the script).
To avoid this hassle, just write to us to info@genesdigitales.com and we will provide a quotation for a customized CD.

If you want to keep informed about new releases of Blast on CD, you could subscribe on the announces only mailing list. The web page to subscribe is:

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