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DNALinux Server is a BLAST server ready to run. Just pop the CD, boot the computer and you have a BLAST server
BLAST is one of the most useful bioinformatics application. Most BLAST searches are made using NCBI BLAST, but online BLAST is getting slower to use, since you are placed on a line in order to get the results. There is also a risk involved in sending your sequence as open text over the Internet (if you want to keep it private). Maybe you don't have permanent Internet access. Whatever the case, it could be handy to have a BLAST server on your own network.

The advantage of having your own BLAST server are:

  • You don't send your search sequence out of your institution. When you use the public server, your sequence travels without any protection and you loose any confidencialy.
  • The server reply time is up to you. You don't get into the public server line (with waiting times up to 30 minutes).
  • You can search against your own sequences. The public server has only a limited set of sequences wich you can search against. With this system, you almost have no limits in the database customization.
  • No manteinence: Since is all recorded on the CD, there is no chance to permanently missconfigure the server. If anything goes wrong, just reboot your computer and everything will go back to normal.
  • Don't need to use an expensive internet conection.
You can download it now. The download version comes ready with SARS and Smallpox genome (both DNA and Protein databases). As new (April 2006) adition we added H5N1 influeza sequences.
Current version: 0.5b

If you want to keep informed about new releases of Blast on CD, you could subscribe on the announces only mailing list. The web page to subscribe is:

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